Write Letters, Send Emails!

Write a paper letter

Letters are still important!

All letters to the BCPS Board should be addressed to “Baltimore County Board of Education Members;” the secretary will provide a copy to each Board Member.

Baltimore County Board of Education
6901 Charles Street, Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone:  410-887-4554
(address is for all members)

Send email

Email is fastest


S. Dallas Dance, Ph.D, Superintendent

Baltimore County Board of Education Members
Lawrence E. Schmidt, Esq., President, Third Councilmanic District
David Uhlfedler, Vice President, Member-at-large
S. Dallas Dance, Ph.D., Secretary, Treasurer
Michael H. Bowler, First Councilmanic District
Michael J. Collins, Member-at-Large
Jonathan P. Galla, Student Board Member,
Edward J. Gilliss, Esq.,Fifth Councilmanic District
Rodger C. Janssen, Sixth Councilmanic District
Marisol A. Johnson, Member-at-Large
Charles McDaniels, Jr., Fourth Councilmanic District
George J. Moniodis, Member-at-Large
H. Edward Parker, Seventh Councilmanic District
Romaine N. Williams, Esq., Second Councilmanic District

BCPS Organization 

Mark Bedell, Assistant Superintendent, High Schools
mbedell@bcps.org  Phone:  410-887-8767

Maria Lowry, Assistant Superintendent, High Schools
mlowry@bcps.org  Phone: 410-887-8767


Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County Executive
400 Washington Avenue, Mailstop 2M01A
Old Courthouse Mezzanine
Towson MD 21204
Kevin@baltimorecountymd.gov Phone:410.887.2450

Todd Huff, Baltimore County Council District 3
400 Washington Avenue, Second Floor
Towson MD 21204
council3@baltimorecountymd.gov  Phone:  410.887.3387 Fax:410.887.5791

Wade Kach, Maryland State Delegate District 5B
214 Ashland Road
Cockeysville MD 21030-1902
a.wade.kach@house.state.md.us  Phone: 410-527-1962

Pat McDonough, Maryland State Delegate District 7
P O Box 15470
Middle River MD 21220
info@patmcdonough.org  Phone: 410-238-0025

Martin O’Malley, Governor
100 State Circle
Annapolis MD 21401
governor.mail@maryland.gov Phone:  410-974-3901

Anthony G. Brown, Lieutenant Governor
address and phone same as Governor                                            Lt.governor.mail@maryland.gov

One thought on “Write Letters, Send Emails!

  1. Kellie Walter

    I am a spouse of a teacher currently employed at Hereford High School. I am also a parent of 5 future Hereford High School students. My oldest son will be entering into the high school next year. We moved to this community 5 years ago because of the school district. Their education is second to none. Their scholastic scores speak for themselves. Needless to say, I am extremely upset with the proposed change to the schedule. I don’t understand why we would change something that has been working so well for years. I have not heard 1 positive reason for the change. Hereford High School has done an excellent job with preparing their students for college. They already mock a typical semester and prepare the students for longer lessons and to allow greater depth in teaching. Why the change? In my opinion the rest of the county should be following the way Hereford High School operates. You can’t argue statistics. Our children and their future is in your hands and you are trying to take away their opportunities.


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