Hereford Zone

Hereford Zone – we are a diverse community, spread over a large geographic territory.  The occupations vary widely: Farmers, truckers, construction companies, doctors, attorneys, accountants, artists, real estate professionals, many types of businesses and business owners, even a world-renowned wine connoisseur, bus drivers, horse breeders and trainers, to name a few.  Yes, we have some wealthy families, but we also have families that live paycheck to paycheck, families that live in need, and some families live season to season, relying on a harvest or dairy operation for what they will earn.  There are many families that are 2, 3, up to 7 generation Hereford Zone residents.  Yet, even the newcomers quickly sink deep roots. Typically folks that come to Hereford Zone like to stay.  For instance, one Hereford Parent’s business was contemplating a move for its expanding workforce, some partners wanted to move out of Hunt Valley to Baltimore City as more prestigious.  But the Hereford High School Parent’s husband and others  convinced the firm to stay in Baltimore County and they bought a vacant office building in Sparks.  They now employ over 300 professionals. Due to that decision, more families have moved and or stayed in Baltimore County. There are many other Hereford Zone business owners that have done the same.  Many Hereford families have lived here, for decades or generations. They farmed here, worked here, paid taxes here, educated children, voted here and family members have died here and are buried here.  We have great affection for and pride in our community and our schools, and have worked together to improve both.  It is this community spirit that helped give momentum and shape to Hereford Works.


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