PROTEST!!! 350 People Speeches! Chants! – check video

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Team members work together!
Dance operates by dictatorship and manipulation!
Team BCPS is a marketing ploy but not a reality!

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Did you know the parents, students, and community are at the top of Baltimore-County-Public-Schools-Organization-Chart?

Senator Collins did not allow Dr. Dance to dictate his actions.   Senator Collins has urged Dr. Dance to meet with Hereford High School students and parents associated with Hereford Works to discuss the proposed  BCPS high school schedule change mandate.

Dulaney High parent Sue Battle-McDonald  stated the high school schedule mandate is not only a Hereford issue, but a countywide issue which must be addressed through research, data and impact studies.  Changing the schedules of Baltimore County highest performing schools is not acceptable or prudent.  Dr. Dance and the Board of Education must be accountable for their actions, decisions,  spending and allocations of the taxpayers money.

OH MY!  Loch Raven Village has an issue!  Taxpayers have to pay even more money for an ill-advised solution to the stakeholders problems due to Dr. Dance’s refusal to work with communities to collectively solve problems!  Yikes!  Click on below!

A Hereford High School student read a letter from former Hereford High School principal, Mr. John Bereska, passionately stating the reasons  the hybrid 4 x 4 semester block schedule works for all levels of  students compared to the schedule Dr. Dance is mandating for all BCPS High Schools.  Mr. Bereska’s experience in Baltimore County Public Schools exceeds Dallas Dance’s life by 5 years. Wow!  What a resource!!

One thought on “PROTEST!!! 350 People Speeches! Chants! – check video

  1. B Moritz

    Word here is that Dr Dance will announce his decision tomorrow, Monday, regarding any changes to his proposal for Changing the Hereford block schedule. If so, we must let him know that only one answer is acceptable. Only one answer is reasonable. And the actions, protests, will only intensify if he refuses to listen.


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