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Thanks to all of you for signing this petition & sharing your comments to keep the semester schedule at HHS.

We have 1600 supporters & counting!  
Hereford Works Petition sign now!!!

Another petition will be launch on Wednesday, February 19, 2014!  Check Back!


2 thoughts on “Online Petition!!

  1. Kenneth C. Stevenson

    Dr. Dance, please leave Hereford High School alone. We are very proud of our High School and the young folks that graduate from it. Please don’t change our education programs.

  2. Delegate Sue Auamnn

    Dear Dr. Dance,

    Education is the most valuable thing we can provide to our Maryland students. I have heard from families concerning the schedule change from the 4X4 to something different. If you have a school that has had tremendous success in educating their community and allows the students to progress through programs at a fasted track than what is offered at other Baltimore County Schools, take pride in it. If it is not broken,it doesn’t need to be fixed. I urge you to leave this schedule alone. It is working well.
    I would suggest that the community is happy and does not want this proposed change. Maybe your administration could study their success and propose this model to other schools and hopefully mirror the success that Hereford has seen.

    Truly, Del. Sue Aumann 410-841-3258


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