MD House and Senate Unanimously Approve Hybrid School Board!

Hybrid ApprovedAfter a vote at the statehouse Baltimore County could soon have a hybrid school board which would include seven elected members, four appointed members and a student member. The Maryland House and Senate unanimously approved the measure on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

It’s a concept that many parents agree with, though some county officials have concerns. Right now there are only three hybrid boards in the state; Caroline County, Harford County and Prince George’s County. The following four boards are appointed by the governor with the recommendation of the county executive; Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Wicomico County and Baltimore County. The other 17 boards in the state are elected. Baltimore County executive Kevin Kamenetz released a statement on Tuesday regarding the elected school board. It reads in part; “The county executive has been consistent for twenty years in his belief that an appointed school board is best for children.” Abby Beytin is the president of the Baltimore County teacher’s union and says her teachers just want change. “The teachers association has resisted taking a position on elected hybrid any type of school board because from all the research we’ve done there is nothing out there that says one school board is better that another,” Beytin said. “I think if we can get some really great officials on then it will be a great school board – if we can’t it will be more of the same.” If the governor signs the bill the new board would be in place by 2018.

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