Larry and Dallas

A meeting was held with BCPS Board of Education Members,  Larry Schmidt and Michael Collins, Senator Jim Brochin, Hereford Works and one hundred concerned Hereford parents in Monkton on January 26, 2014.  Hereford Works presented a compelling presentation illustrating how the proposed high school schedule sets Hereford High School students backwards, eliminating opportunities that have been available to Hereford students for the past 20 years.

We asked BCPS School Board President, Larry Schmidt, to

convey our plea to Dr. Dance to keep the 4th option (4X4

Semester Block) on the table.   According to the S3 report (Bell

Schedule Evaluation) which was the research sited for the

schedule mandate change, the 4X4 block that HHS has used for

the past 20 years is the ONLY one that allows Tier 1 (high

performing students) the ability to accelerate through the general

requirements and get to more rigorous academic subjects


The Baltimore County Board of Education, led by President Larry

Schmidt, has left the schedule mandate decision solely to one

person, Dr. Dallas Dance.  His mandate has taken away

academic opportunities for the top performing students in our

county.  This is not a decision that represents the interests of

stakeholders. Why would a school board member or a

superintendent want to take away a tool that creates an

environment for academic acceleration?  Why not place that

tool  in all of the Baltimore County schools?  We will keep

asking the  questions;  perhaps soon Dr. Dance will afford us the

opportunity to hear the answers.  We believe that each

school  should have the CHOICE to decide what works best for

their  student population.  NO VOICE, NO CHOICE!

 Baltimore county org. chart

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