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Hi All!

Please join us in asking BCPS superintendent Dallas Dance to meet directly with Hereford Works to discuss community-wide concerns over the high school schedule mandate which would give our children eight classes to juggle yearlong instead of the current four classes per semester, with some exceptions.  Dr. Dance has refused invitations from both individual parents and the leadership.  We believe that if enough people invite him to collaborate with our community, he will.  So, please copy and paste the message below and email it to him.

Also, phone calls can be made.  You can ask Dr. Dance to email  If you want to have a personal conversation with Dr. Dance to address your child’s situation, add your name and contact information to your email.

Please forward this to other Hereford High School “stakeholders.”

S. Dallas Dance, Ph.D.
Superintendent, BCPS        410-887-4554

To email, go to the following link and fill in the blanks.
Dear Dr. Dance,

Please email to arrange a meeting with  On January 27, 2014, 256 members of Hereford High School PTSA voted against your high school schedule change mandate.  We want to tell you why.  Please listen broadly and deeply.

Thank you.

“To create opportunities to listen broadly and deeply to a multitude of stakeholders while proactively ensuring that all voices, not just those who traditionally avail themselves to collaboration with the school system, are heard and engaged in an effort to gain  a comprehensive understanding of BCPS and to build excitement and momentum for BCPS’s vision, mission, and strategic plan.”
Updated: November 2, 2012
Superintendent Entry Plan
Baltimore County Public Schools
S. Dallas Dance, Ph.D.

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