Listen to Mr. Larry Schmidt verbalize his disdain for the Hereford community!

Please take the time to watch at least a portion of this video from last week’s BOE meeting. At approximately 1:20:00 mark you will see and hear Dr. Dance give his spin on how the schedule change was left up to the Principal at each high school (as if they had options) and then OUR district representative Mr. Larry Schmidt verbalize his disdain for our community. This rant is in response to Senate bill 123, introduced by Senators Brochin and Jennings which would require any and all schedule changes be reviewed and approved by the BOE, with a look back period of 4 years. PLEASE mark your calendars and plan on attending the BOE meeting on 3/17/15 at 6:30pm and let Mr. Schmidt know that we don’t appreciate his comments or his behavior. As you know, you can arrive 15 minutes early and sign up to speak during public comments portion of the meeting.

This is a clear example of why the BOE is not working for stakeholders in BCPS… SHARE ON YOUR OWN TIMELINES TO SPREAD THE WORD!

TO ANY OTHER HIGH SCHOOL COMMUNITES IN BALTIMORE COUNTY THAT ARE UNHAPPY WITH YOUR SCHEDULE CHANGE~ Mr. Schmidt says you don’t exist! If you are out there, get involved… attend the BOE meeting on 3/17/15 ~ 6:30pm and let him know you want the decision reviewed!

Click on this link to watch the video: