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SB 123 voted in favor by a 5-2 vote for an amended version!

“Earlier tonight in Annapolis, the Baltimore County Senate Delegation voted in favor by a 5-2 vote for an amended version SB 123, Baltimore County – Public High Schools – Adoption of School Schedule.

This bill provides a check against any school schedule changes by the Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools. Additionally, the bill will require the Board of Education to review and vote on previous school changes, like that done at Hereford, Dulaney, Towson. The bill now awaits a vote from the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee. Thank you to everyone who helps this bill get past the first hurdle in the legislative process.

Delegate Susan Aumann is presenting cross-filed House Bill 0407 at House Ways and Means committee

Delegate Susan Aumann is presenting cross-filed House Bill 0407 at House Ways and Means committee Thursday and to House County Delegates on Friday morning.

Delegates  Impallaria, McDonough, Szeliga, and West  are co-sponsoring the bill.

House Ways and Means Committee,   Delegate Sheila Hixson, Chair
Delegate Anne R. Kaiser, Chair Education Sub-committee

Stakeholders can email their support for House Bill 0407 to

AB Block Schedule at the Halfway Mark

AB Block Schedule at the Halfway Mark –
How’s It Going for Your Student?

Contributors: Jean Suda of ABCSchools and Hereford Works!

It may be news to parents whose firstborn students began their high school career this year, but last year there were eight BCPS high schools that used a 7-period master schedule to organize the classes taken by all students. This meant that each student registered for seven classes taught in the same sequence each day. Teachers were required to teach five periods a day.   Read More

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Return Local Control to BCPS High Schools by Providing a favorable report on Senate Bill 123

In 2013-2014 the BCPS Superintendent took away the ability of the High school community to decide their Master Class Schedule. The following BCPS High Schools were forced to change their Schedule:  Catonsville, Dulaney, Dundalk, Eastern Tech, Franklin, Hereford, Lansdowne, Loch Raven, Owings Mills, Patapsco, Perry Hall, Pikesville, Towson, and Woodlawn.  Hereford, Catonsville, and Patapsco lost their very successful 4×4 Semester Block Schedule, while Dulaney, Towson, Pikesville, Loch Raven and others lost their very successful 7 period-day Schedule.



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Senator Room Phone Email Address District
James Brochin 221 James 410-841-3648 42
Edward J. Kasemeyer 3 West Miller 410-841-3653 12
Delores G. Kelley 302 James 410-841-3606 10
Kathleen Klausemeier 103 James 410-841-3620 8
Shirley Nathan-Pullam 304 James 410-841-3612 44
Johnny Ray Salling 416 James 410-841-3587 6
Bobby A. Zirkin 2 East Miller 410-841-3131 11