Hereford Works Takes Fight To Court!

Press Release
Hereford Works, LLC- The Spence Firm

For those of you who have been following our journey, Hereford Works has now taken its fight to the court system of Baltimore County due to lack of response from the BCPS Board of Education members.

Last month, Hereford Works, concerned parents and students filed a 30-page Petition with the Baltimore County School Board to review an arbitrary, capricious and unlawful decision by Superintendent Dallas Dance changing the 22 year old 4×4 Semester Block Scheduling System. This decision was implemented based on flawed data, despite empirical studies showing it is a terrible mistake and with no teacher, student or parent input.

Because of the Board and Superintendent’s refusal to stay the decision and given that courses are currently being scheduled for next year, Hereford Works, parents and students, through their attorney, Adam M. Spence, have today filed a Complaint in the Circuit Court of Baltimore County to prevent irreparable harm to the academic success of HHS.

This Circuit Court Complaint seeks an emergency Temporary Restraining Order to prevent the implementation of the proposed scheduling change while review is pending.
The Complaint also seeks injunctive relief against the Maryland Board of Education under the Maryland Public Information Act to enjoin the School Board from continuing to withhold critical documents related to the proceedings.

The Complaint also seeks injunctive relief against the Baltimore County Board of Education under the Maryland Open Meeting Act to require the Board to adequately comply with that Act when entering into closed session to discuss this and other matters.

This case highlights how determined citizens can hold a big government agency ($1.4 billion budget) accountable when it disregards the rights of its stakeholders and citizens to further its own unstated and unjustifiable agenda.

In addition to Hereford Works representatives, Maryland State Senator James Brochin, Maryland State Delegate Wade Kach, who have been a supportive of our cause and attorney, Adam Spence with The Spence Firm will be available for interviews.

Contact Information:
Adam M. Spence, Esq., The Spence Firm 410-823-5003
Senator James Brochin 410-823-7087
Delegate Wade Kach 443-625-8026
Hereford Works:
Kathleen Causey 443-506-3584
Heather Matricciani 410-961-4335